domingo, 2 de dezembro de 2012

Thinking about Life and Love

Since ever I hear misaligned beliefs and statements about my loving nature.
I grew up in a family with disturbances at various levels and one day I realized that many of the blocks that appeared in
My Journey of Life and Mind stemmed this constant influence of some familiar elements and then in adolescence and adulthood, the various boyfriends.
Today ALMOST what I realize is that the lack of LOVE and money affect relationships and prevents the experience of affect, LOVE and GOODNESS, because it
causes resentment, pain, hurt and frustration.
The lack of money and LOVE creates distance between PEOPLE and creates cultural, educational and social barriers. From my personal observation and
experience, perhaps the ideal is that ALL PEOPLE have plenty of money and LOVE to live happily, FREE and LOVING with KINDNESS without
counting the LOVE and very little money they have at any given TIME.
But it's worth having LOVE or money if PERHAPS the important personal evolution is to have TIME to enjoy, to get to know and live?
There are those who still believe that we are more evolved since the beginning of civilization, but still exist today in the WORLD PEOPLE PASSING THE TIME
trying to SURVIVE. Among these PEOPLE and ANIMALS there should be few differences, as they, at any moment, are about to stop living as a HUMAN BEING or as