terça-feira, 7 de agosto de 2012

Is the Human Being almost extinct?

"Meals are things that people normally do on a day-to-day," I heard the other day. Well ... should be so for everyone, but it is not. HUNGER IS A REALITY AND MORE AND MORE PEOPLE ARE AFFECTED BY THIS FAILURE, before WAR and CONFLICT.
paints, clothes, makeup, shoes, furniture, technology are things to create performances. THE PERSON YOU ARE, only The PERSON, will need to eat to be able to execute the objectives performers? Does The Person need to eat to generate LIVE ENERGY?
Is people enough to "make a party"? (Or to what many call ... crap, jokes .. eheheheh ...)
Does a person without meals, DIES?
I have a great feeling of tiredness of living on my breath, for a moment, and feel that just a little bit of events are enough to take me to be quiet and silent.
The poor continue to be weak and stupid. And the strong eat the weak for breakfast.
I believe that LOCAL changes can produce GLOBAL changes! Have to justify every step I take, in order to survive it’s something ennobling to the human condition?
Phrases that fill me with EMPTY and NOTHING, in my condition of being human in danger of extinction:
"We can not have everything ". "You have to make sacrifices." "Being a mother begins to be considered DISEASE!"

And today what I said is enough.

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